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Interior design studio in Kyiv.

For more than 10 years we have been successfully implementing projects, creating a strong team of designers and grinding pencils so that you have a Space in which you want to stay.

Clients receive only customized solutions that suit their vision.

Our design studio guarantees constant control and active participation in the creation and implementation of interior design at all its stages – from idea to project implementation.

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Our foundation:
By all stages of creating your interior design
Clearly accepting the budgetary appraisal of the deputy
Acknowledgment for the successful launch of a skin project
We get to our team less professional

The procedure for the work of our studio interior design

We would like to say that if our project is based on a technical task, having died down that photographic fixation, or else it will not be true to reality. The work of the design studio Paintit is based on the adjustment to the vibrations of our spymaster and to the extent necessary, as it stands in front of us. Oskilki not a skin person is able to formulate their own needs, we report maximum effort, so that you can feel the deputy of the “mid row”.

On which psychological aspect of our work does not end. In the meantime, improve communication with practitioners on everyday life and their core business, as well as high communicative skills and breadth of experience. Tsya vzaєmodiya vmagaє osobliї respect, so as the very sight of tsikh people is rich in what to lie as a project implementation. Over the last three years, we have been working on a series of contacts with fahivtsy in our country and working on the destruction of our mutual understanding, so that the final result of our projects has been confirmed by the stunting of our clients.

The stage of choosing a concept, the stage of making a change, the stage of everyday life and the stage of improvement – all these stages themselves have a deep psychological effect, which is what the masters of Paintit are engaged in. Regardless of the 10-point difference, the leather project of our design studio is always the “first place”, in which we invest all our resources and susilla. We do not romanticize the understanding of “design” and do not create form for the sake of form. Mastering the design of Paintit is a reality, but through a creative mindset.

We deeply reconsider what the design of the interior is accompanied by a critical evaluation, conveying information about the project at all stages, and also solving not the formal design task, but the real problem of the successor. The services of interior design are the field of psychological, artistic, engineering and economic knowledge.

Stages of robotic design studio Paintit
1 stage:
an interview with a deputy (in the course of this interrogation, all points of view of the design of the dwelling are taken into account. Leather detail – the number of members of the family, hobbies, dreams, the presence of domestic creatures, and also look at the aesthetics);
discussing the project budget;
forward version of the solution plan;
vimiri and photo fixation on the object (if required, video fixation);
dorobka planning solution.
2 stage:
folding the front budget and schedule of life.
3 stage:
armchair for work documentation;
a single album with the results of the project;
+ 3D vіzualіzatsії (The images trivimіrne demonstruє іdeyu planuvannya. Tse stilіstichne rіshennya in detail vіdpratsyuvannі. Vіzualіzatsіya daє mozhlivіst pіdіbrati naybіlsh pіdhodyaschu kolorovu gamut otsіniti funktsіonalnіst rozstanovki predmetіv іnter’єru i ratsіonalnіst vikoristannya primіschennya. 3D vіzualіzatsіya dopomozhe you sklasti chіtke Buchan, yak bude sama viglyadati application for repair).
4 stage
author’s vision.

As a rule, the deputy can ask for food, what is the author’s vision and what wine is needed?

The author’s vision conveys support to the project by the designer.

At first glance, you can see that the project is self-sufficient and does not require support.

Ale є deakі nuances. Have any process, and especially, how to go about the repair work, repairing and repairing and stepping into the cob conceived. The human factor contributes to the quality of everyday life. For coordinating these non-performing problems, a moderator is required in front of the author of the project.

In this way, this type of quality control allows you to identify shortcomings in the implementation and guarantees the reliability of the design and regulatory documentation.

So, as the deputy blames new ideas for implementation, there is only one person, as the author of the project can make corrections.

The author’s vision lies in the complexity, minds of everyday life, scale and exclusivity of the object.

The wine is stored at the object’s meeting, informing the manager about possible changes, amendments to the working documentation, and also, in general, about the progress of the future work.

Interior design is a resource-intensive process. At zv’yazku z tsim, our team is aimed at saving the hour of the deputy and not spending time on learning about the impersonal options and materials. Vivchivshi honor of the deputy, we form the best ways to instill. All storage warehouses are located in the technical department, which we should follow. If there are terms for the implementation of the project, then the stench will lie in the hour of arranging with the deputy, arranging all the steps, amendments, techniques and accepting the remaining decisions.

Whether or not the decision can improve the implementation variability, or succumb to the status of the object, we are trying to guard you against unsafe decisions and demand the most rational cuts for a specific skin project.

Need more interior designer?

The average resident is aware that the development of the design of the apartment is not over-the-top and the interior is open, and even repairs can be successfully completed and independently.

This phenomenon is not surprising, even though the services of designers in the post-traditional space are a worthy new phenomenon.

Stikayuchis without intermediary with repair and planning, more people see the need for consultation fahivtsya for the organic implementation of all stages of the energy-intensive and labor-intensive process.

Most of the repair process is reworked at the right test for the mineral, in which the strongest survive.

In order to save your mental, physical and mental resources and avoid the legacy of early pardons, we recommend that you go back to fakhivtsiv vіdrazu, at the first stage of your project creation.

Critical pardons with

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We are a team of architects from Kyiv, Ukraine with more than 10 years of experience.

Due to the military attack on Ukraine we had to hard stop of all the ongoing projects in the own country.

Now we are looking for projects around the world and will be glad to cooperate.

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