We were given several tasks: not to get out of the environment with architecture and design; make the most comfortable home from natural materials.

About the project

The object is located in one of the prestigious cottage towns near Kyiv – ‘RIVIERA VILLAGE’, 30 km. from Kyiv. There are about 150 houses on the territory, with the possibility of buying only a plot of land and building a house according to your own project. The only condition is not to stand out from the general architecture of the complex, not to exceed the number of floors in 2 floors and not to be fenced off.
The complex has its own restaurant, kindergarten, play and sports areas, etc.




Clients contacted us at the moment when the construction process was already launched and they realized that the appearance that was laid down in the project did not suit them.
Our company offered the client several possible options for facades and we immediately got to the point, we guessed with the wishes of the client.
We were given several tasks: – not to get out of the environment with architecture and design; – make the most comfortable home from natural materials.

There were also a number of technical requirements, such as: to provide a smart home system, to make a supply and exhaust ventilation system, to provide an automatic lawn watering system, etc.


As we have already said, our main task was not to stand out from the environment of nature with the design of facades and use natural materials such as stone and wood.


Since the site was surrounded by a large number of pine trees, our choice was to use handmade brown bricks.



In many ways, the interior design decision was influenced by the architecture itself and the design of the facades, which the client liked. It is based on dark colors, natural materials and well-known Ukrainian and Italian furniture brands.

Common area. This is the main place in the house where the whole family gathers. The area of the common area is 67 sq.m., it includes a kitchen area, which is conditionally divided into a cool kitchen and a main one. In the hidden kitchen, the main process of cooking takes place, and the main kitchen serves as a pre-cooking unit. There is also a dining area for 6 people.Vila Vila Vila

Stairs. In the process of designing the interior, we proposed to the customer to make a mezzanine second floor, in which we organized a lounge area. So there was a need to make a staircase, which later became the main accent of the interior, we made it from copper.VilaVila

Fireplace area. in the lounge area there is a large double-sided sofa, which is oriented to the TV and a fireplace. The fireplace, by the way, is also double-sided with access to the terrace. above the fireplace, we decided to make a decorative crumpled copper sheet of metal, which seemed to have melted from the heat that comes from the fire.Vila Vila

Terrace. We decided to glaze the terrace and make it heated, but according to our idea, in the summer, the glazing could be completely moved to the side and folded into an accordion, so for the warm season we got a completely open terrace that immediately goes to the pool.

Vila Vila Vila Vila Vila

Master bedroom and master bathroom. We wanted to get the most authentic calm interior. Behind the head of the bed is a large master dressing room.

Vila Vila Vila VilaVila Vila Vila Vila

Children’s room. As in most of our projects, we offer the client to make a privacy zone for children, so we got the idea to organize a mezzanine floor right above the bed

Vila VilaVila

Guest rooms and guest bathroom. On the right side of the house there are two guest rooms, one of them is designed for the parents of the owners, and the second for guests.

Vila Vila Vila VilaVila VilaVila Vila

Vila Vila Vila





We are a team of architects from Kyiv, Ukraine with more than 10 years of experience.

Due to the military attack on Ukraine we had to hard stop of all the ongoing projects in the own country.

Now we are looking for projects around the world and will be glad to cooperate.

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