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How is the price of interior design formed?
Prices for PAINTIT services are the quintessence of experience and pain from past mistakes. We are fanatical in our perfectionism. We have no stop words, except for one – “perfect”.
Our best specialists do a lot of work and from a variety of options choose one that is right for you.
Draft layout – measurements – visualization – working documentation – our meticulous approach = the best solution for you.


Example of a project

дизайн интерьера кухни
дизайн интерьера ванной комнаты
дизайн интерьера гостинной
дизайн интерьера спальни
дизайн интерьера спальни
дизайн интерьера спальни фото 1
дизайн интерьера ванной
дизайн интерьера комнаты
дизайн спальни

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How are prices for interior design formed?

The cost of interior design is the amount of time allocated for the implementation of the project.
How long does it take to create an interior design?

If you decide to order interior design from us, be prepared that we will need 2-3 months of design work to implement a project with an average area of ​​100 meters. Such specialists as the chief architect of projects, a specialist in working documentation and a visualizer are constantly involved in this process.
After agreeing on the design documentation, we begin architectural supervision, which also lasts an average of about 6 months until the full implementation of the object.

Prices for an interior design project depend on the following characteristics:

The size of the object. The larger the footage of the room, the correspondingly higher the cost.
On the other hand, the time spent designing a room with a small area is not much different from the time used to design a room with a large area. Therefore, the cost of working on a room with a large area can already contain the discount. While a room with a smaller area may have an overestimated cost of work.
Project style. At first glance, it is difficult to assess how much the style of the project can affect the cost of the design project. This is rather a subjective factor and depends on the decisions and professional experience of the designer who leads the object.
The complexity of the project. This includes the amount of work required.
Development of additional planning options.
Condition and type of premises.
Number of developed documentation (drawings).
Most of all, the price is affected by the presence or absence of architectural supervision.

Architectural supervision includes project support, ordering equipment and materials, making amendments, communicating with contractors, consulting on approved working documentation, and placing decorative interior elements.

How to minimize costs when ordering an interior design project?

With the right prioritization, you can minimize all items of the repair budget. The correct placement of anchor zones is of priority.

And yet, if you decide to reduce the expense item allocated for repairs, it is better to start minimizing costs from certain positions. For example, with the purchase of furniture and lighting. But on the quality of materials and the professionalism of designers and builders, saving is still not worth it.

When choosing furniture, you can give preference to furniture with more democratic prices or goods at a discount.

Furniture from abroad is not always a guarantee of quality, so it makes sense to consider options for buying such goods in Ukraine.

Lighting can also be purchased in Ukraine.

Saving on furniture can significantly affect the price of an interior design project. The cost may vary from supplier to supplier. Savings can vary from 20 to 30%.

Interior designer services in Kyiv have become quite a popular phenomenon.

How to make the right choice?

The personal interest of the interior designer in the project is of great importance.

First of all, a designer is a person of creativity, and any compulsion to stamps and stereotyped solutions can reduce his interest in work. Therefore, the establishment of understanding at the initial stages of interaction is of key importance. This also directly affects the final cost of the project design, because with harmonious interaction, the designer will be ready to meet and provide a discount.

In this matter, it is important to focus not so much on the age of the designer as on the quantity and, most importantly, the quality of the completed projects.

The professional approach is felt instantly, and it is not limited to a bright visual component. Creativity can be impressive but has no value without functionality. Design is always about completing a task.

A functional interior is the main goal that a contractor with extensive experience and understanding of his business can lead the customer to. A quality brand will not be distinguished by its democratic value, but it will definitely be distinguished by a high level of performance and guarantee a functional design.

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