We decided to offer to turn the main disadvantage of the project into its unique and harmonious plus.

About the project

A very important point of a successful project is trust in the designer that everything will be done in the best possible way, because the most unusual and, as a result, favorite details of the project go beyond the usual and trivial solutions, and they can only be implemented under the author’s professional supervision.




Our team always aims to enrich the interior with extraordinary solutions that would remain functional. There are no illusory elements in our works that the customer would waste money on. Beauty must be functional.

Features of the planning solution + concept. What dictated.

As always, the first stage of work was to understand and hear all the wishes of the customer: planning, furniture, design and, of course, favorite things in the house.

Absolutely every project completely depends not only on a specific place, but also, and most importantly, people. The customers of this project are a young couple who dream of their universal cozy place, where rest and any other leisure activities are ideally combined. From planning tasks – this is a large living room combined with a kitchen with open windows, as well as 2 bedrooms, two bathrooms and a dressing room. The main problem was the impossibility of placing all the items in this apartment, and then we decided to offer to turn the main drawback of the project into its unique and harmonious plus – the same dressing room is technically laid out in the core of the apartment, and also hides the entrance to the bedroom from prying eyes, thus making them secret and personal place of the residents of the apartment.

Each part of the project has its own special details, in the compositional and color scheme – they are in the choice of natural and natural materials, color palette, which at the same time also respond in the youthful spirit of customers and love for clean space. All unnecessary things were hidden or beaten for the most convenient use.

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Already at the entrance to the apartment, we are greeted by a wall with a warm and natural texture of wood, which hides wardrobes and entrances to the bedroom. The rest of the doors are flush-mounted and in the same wall finish, of course, not chosen by chance. Each of these bathroom doors has a different purpose, one for quick use – it has a shower and some appliances, and the second for a longer stay with a bathtub, warm lighting. These two rooms are united not only by similar appliances and furniture, but also by materials. There are only two of them here, just enough to display a bright, but at the same time calm place. The base material is microcement on the walls and floor, which creates a pleasant and calm texture, as well as tiles in one of the warmest shades, highlighted by backlighting. One of the most important functions of these rooms is the ability to leave only the lights on and take a bath or shower.
The common room combines the most important places for a day stay: a kitchen and a living room. As well as a versatile sofa, it opens up new possibilities for accommodation and dialogue.

The kitchen, as well as the corridor, diverts attention from the cabinets – they, along with the refrigerator, are covered with panels in the color of the walls and have become part of a holistic composition.

Another striking detail was the closet in the common area, which not only embodies the comfort and ethnic mood of the house, but also favorably sets off the minimalist composition and creates an ideal tandem with it.


Slavutych Slavutych

The master bedroom was created for maximum comfort and functionality, a private place for a young couple, where they have their favorite colors, textures and mood of relaxation.

The guest room will be turned into a children’s room in the future, but while it waits in the wings and hides a small hiding place, a favorite place for children, where everything is just for their play and fantasy, it is located behind the closet and even now can be a special place of privacy and comfort.

Slavutych Slavutych



We are a team of architects from Kyiv, Ukraine with more than 10 years of experience.

Due to the military attack on Ukraine we had to hard stop of all the ongoing projects in the own country.

Now we are looking for projects around the world and will be glad to cooperate.

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