We design both private homes and large business-oriented facilities. To evaluate our 10-year experience, you can look at the most iconic objects for the city, such as: Ocean Plaza, Tetris Hall, IQ Business Center, in the creation of which we took part. For you we will provide a full cycle of designing an architectural section, from the development of a draft design, to the working documentation.

Interior Design

We find fresh and inspiring interior design solutions for both apartments, houses, and for offices and shopping centers. We carry out all the stages of design from conception to full implementation into the implementation with the author’s supervision. As a result of our work, you receive a full set of approved visualizations, building drawings with elaborations on nodes and details. We also carry out the author’s accompaniment of your object, which allows us to follow the initially agreed concept as precisely as possible.


You will be shielded from the hassle associated with construction work, the search for materials and the selection of reliable performers. In return, you will receive a comprehensive approach to quality control, from the start of design to the immediate delivery of the facility. Thanks to our experience, at the design stage, the smallest details and features are being worked through. By laying such a foundation, we eliminate mistakes and double work in the course of construction. As a result of a long selection, we have the best construction team with whom we speak the same language and are confident in their motivation and orientation to the best result.