Interior design private apartments. Kyiv, 2017

The clients of this apartment sought both minimalism and luxurious elements in the interior.
Brass, red saturated color in combination with white marble,
The extraordinary solutions of the children’s room all make this project special.
The master bedroom, the dressing room and the utility bathroom – form one unit,
which is the separation from the rest of the apartment, the entrance to the bedroom is via the closet in the corridor,
the cabinet panel is divided in such a way that the hidden doors to the bedroom seem just a wooden panel of the cabinet.
In the household bathroom, we applied a one-way mirror – thus achieving an effect – outside the mirror,
but inside it looks like ordinary clear glass.
Minimalism is meant – nothing superfluous, so we decided to cover the whole kitchen with homogeneous panels,
and create a solid line that goes into the closet in the living room.